New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”

By Greg Wester CMO

We all have our morning routines. I’m guessing mine is quite different from yours. However, new research from Phoenix Marketing International shows our morning routines include our smartphones is some rather similar ways.  And these similarities create big opportunities for wireless carriers to use Device Centric Content (DCD) to better serve their subscribers and build loyalty and brand.

Off the heels of our Appnostic research with Phoenix Marketing International which showed that almost 9 out of 10 people display Appnostic tendencies – meaning they often unlock their phone without an app in mind, comes new research that shows the importance of the mobile morning moment. Everyone wants something – whether it’s connecting with friends, a laugh, inspiration, or something productive.

 Here are three key findings from the research:

  1. Gen Z get their mobile kick on early – with 65% saying they use their phone while still in bed – and 90% use it before leaving their bedroom!
  2. Gen Z also has stronger preferences than other age groups for that early kick to be something happy or that connects them with friends.
  3. Older audiences meanwhile are almost 50% more likely to use their phone to check the weather over a happy, happy, joy, joy moment.
  4. Morning news is increasingly a downer. Across all ages, 1 in 4 mobile users state that today’s news makes them depressed. Overall compared to last year, 17.5% of mobile users say they are less interested in reading news in the morning on their phones.

What does this mean for carriers? John Schiela from Phoenix says it best: “It means that they can get a significant leg up on the competition for consumer attention by creating the perfect morning mobile moment for their subscribers. A consistent morning touch from a brand giving users just what they want can create a lasting positive feeling that sticks with consumers even as they go about their daily grind.”

By using Device-centric Discovery (DCD) to remove the friction subscribers experience in their “mobile morning routine”, carriers can connect, engage and build the types of consumer relationships they covet.

Read the full release on our report.

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