New Research Proves: “Win the morning, you win the day”

By Greg Wester, CMO

Hear From Our Expert “Posseans”

We’ve recently had the pleasure of joining two well known industry podcasts to share our thoughts on key industry trends. Check out what our CMO, Greg Wester, and CRO, Adrian Velthuis, had to share with Streetfight Magazine and MarTech respectively.


Building an “Appnostic World” – Heard on the Street Podcast

Greg Wester, Mobile Posse CMO with Mike Boland, StreetFight Lead Analyst

What if you didn’t have to find content…  instead it would find you? This is the Nirvana moment of the “Appnostic World” where we increasingly open our phones without a specific app in mind, but are counting on our phones to deliver. The ideal way to fulfill those moments is for that content we love, that is out there somewhere, to be waiting for us so we don’t have to swipe, tap, and dig to find it. Greg discusses with StreetFight’s Mike Boland, how carriers and OEMS can build a “more curated, personal, and ‘appnostic’ front end to reduce the distance between users and quality content.”


Changes in Smartphone Usage Behavior and New Location Data Usage – MarTech Podcast

Adrian Velthuis, Mobile Posse CRO and Ben Shapiro, Host, MarTect Podcast

Some smartphones have begun recommending certain apps based on the time of day and user location. But that’s really just the tip of the iceberg in how a phone can better serve us by understanding common usage. Our mobile phones have the most data about us – including our media choices and where and when we consume them. Technology innovators, like carriers, that have access to this data are at a “tremendous advantage to satisfy user needs”. Adrian and Martech’s Ben Shapiro riff on how understanding the context of time and location is going to continue to be a point of emphasis for smart brands. 


And in the written part of the news….  

Human-Centered Design lets carriers unlock the door to the Experience Economy – SmartBrief

Arty Rivera, Mobile Posse Design Director

With 5G on our doorsteps, it’s become imperative for carriers to find competitive differentiation in the customer experiences they create. The key to that is to adopt the principles of “Human-Centered Design” and innovate experiences that fit in their subscriber’s lives. Our Design Director, Arty, recently penned a byline for SmartBrief that discusses how carriers can become part of “The Experience Economy” and foster brand loyalty.


3 Things Netflix Can Teach Us About Smartphone Discovery – Firstly Newsroom

Kevin Grant, Mobile Posse SVP Sales

Netflix changed our TV watching habits through a discovery-centric strategy that made it a media giant. While they do have compelling original content, they continue to win the “streaming wars” without access to all or the best content. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, 80% of the shows people watch are driven by it’s discovery engine as opposed to search results. Smartphones, meanwhile, continue to lag behind giving subscribers the last app they were in every time they open their smartphones. Our SVP of Sales, Kevin, blogs about what carriers and OEMs can learn from Netflix’s strategy.